Warehousing at Globe Express Transport Company

Globe Express provides best cargo warehousing and storage services for restoring goods for a specified time frame all over India. Globe Express is equipped with large and spacious insured storage houses with modern equipment and facilities. The handling of the product in the warehouse is done by professionals who are trained in standard warehouse procedures as well as specific methods to handle special materials all the incoming materials to the warehouse are stored properly after the inspection of the goods. Special warehousing facilities are available for containerized, refrigerated and hazardous materials. All the goods are kept within are palletized box and are systematically labeled for easy identification. Warehousing service providers offer round the clock security of goods in the warehouse and all necessary support required for clients to reduce overheads, enhance efficiency and cut down valuable management time.

Globe Express offers convenient warehousing services that include :-

So avail warehousing and storage services from Globe Express to handle any of your Warehousing needs or Supply Chain Solutions.